Smartgames for educators

A Message to Educators and Education Professionals

Thank you for visiting the SmartGames 2015 Education website. We hope this content helps you understand how SmartGames play supports modern educational standards in the United States.

SmartGames offers more than 40 games, all of which address key developmental skills in a fun way, for all ages. SmartGames play aligns with educational standards including Common Core. General skills our games address include:

  • STEM concepts
  • Communication and Language development
  • Logic, Planning and Problem Solving

On the left side of this page your find detailed information about a small selection of our games, including:

  • Specific information on how the game relates to modern educational standards such as Common Core
  • A more general description of how the item is played/used and how it supports development, as well as product information.

We always welcome questions and feedback from educators, and we can help if you would like to purchase multiple games for your school. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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