Major Fun! Award

The MAJOR FUN AWARDS go to games and people that bring people fun, and to any organization managing to make the world more fun through its own personal contributions, and through the products it has managed to bring to the market.


Anti-Virus is very well crafted. It is a sensual as well as intellectual experience. Your fingertips delight in the way they fit into the smooth, concave cells.

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By the time I reached the first of the clueless ones – the so-called “Junior” puzzles – I, myself, was clueless. I mean, I had no idea, at all, how to solve the puzzles. I mean, none. I was lost, overwhelmed, shaken, riddled with self-doubt, utterly defeated.

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  • Use your brain to protect Troy from invasion!

    Protect the legendary city of Troy! Place the walls on the board so that all your enemy's knights are shut out while your own knights are safe inside the city.

  • Stack it up, one tile at a time!

    Colour Code uses 18 bold, colored shapes, each on a see-through tile. Pick a challenge, then stack a rack of tiles to recreate the exact composition presented by your challenge!

  • This puzzle game is different...on all levels!

    Each challenge consists of showing the solution (the color of all the balls on the playing board). But which balls are connected and how?

  • Put your body and mind to work and get rid of the red virus!

    Can you get rid of the virus in this „bio-logical” game? Anti-Virus is a sliding puzzle game with a new twist: tiles that only slide diagonally and can move in groups.