The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval program, created in 1990 as an adjunct to TNPC's support services, identifies the finest products and services being marketed to the parent/child audience. From educational and entertainment products and equipment to travel destinations, the consumer oriented testing process solicits evaluations from parents and their children. This award signifies to other parents that their peers have acknowledged a product's quality and desirability based on a wide variety of determining factors.


What makes this stand out and impressed testers was the design, the quality and the unique twist Smart/Tangoes employs as it relates to movements and piece shapes.

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Trucky 3

For us it was interesting watching parents and children come to Trucky with an expectation of a certain play pattern and leave having had a completely different experience. One that was challenging yet fun, suprising yet very rewarding.

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Bill & Betty Bricks

According to our testers this is one of the best early learner logic puzzles they have seen.

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  • Truckloads of puzzle fun!

    Three happy trucks are on the way to their next destination. They need to pick up a load of packages, but will the haul fit? Can you help them stack everything properly?

  • City Maze
    You have reached your destination!

    Can you be your own GPS? Can you navigate the city and guide two travelers to their destination? Place the double-sided puzzle pieces on the game board to create routes from start to finish.

  • Head up in the clouds and feet on the ground?

    Build your way up with the wooden blocks, but make sure your builders always keep their feet on the building so they can supervise the work.

  • Put your body and mind to work and get rid of the red virus!

    Can you get rid of the virus in this „bio-logical” game? Anti-Virus is a sliding puzzle game with a new twist: tiles that only slide diagonally and can move in groups.

  • Get rid of the pigs!

    In this game the birds are going for a piggy back ride! This multilevel sliding puzzle is an easier version of the popular SmartGame “Chicken Shuffle”.