Parents Choice Silver Award

Established in 1978, Parents’ Choice is the nation's oldest nonprofit guide to quality children's media and toys.


Starter puzzles are a sufficient challenge but remain accessible to 7-year-olds, while wizard puzzles may stump many adults.

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Trucky 3

These pieces have a lovely, solid feel to them, with wheels that move easily, pieces that feel good in small hands, and beautiful, transparent truck beds just waiting to be filled with the color tangram pieces.

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IQ Fit

For kids (and adults) who like logic puzzles, this small package provides a lot of them in a simple, compact, and elegant fashion.


Bunny Boo

The puzzle develops logical reasoning, strategic planning, and visual/spatial perception.

  • Truckloads of puzzle fun!

    Three happy trucks are on the way to their next destination. They need to pick up a load of packages before they can depart, but will the haul fit?

  • Use your brain to protect Troy from invasion!

    Protect Troy!  Place the walls on the board so that all your enemy's knights are shut out while your own knights are safe inside the city.

  • Keep your brain in shape with this amazing new thinking game.

    IQ-Twist is a unique new puzzle game.  Fit all the 3D-puzzle pieces on the game board in such a way that it turns into a (flat) 2D-image without holes.

  • Pull a rabbit out of the box!

    Bunny Peek a Boo is a 3D puzzle for young children that features four big, high quality wooden blocks.