Tillywig Top Fun Award Spring 2012

It's hard to imagine that something as seemingly simple as wooden blocks could be this much fun, but they are. They're fun, clever, gratifying, and honestly, they're a little addictive - as soon as you complete one challenge, you want to do another. Kids love'em, and more than a few adults had a hard time putting them down, too. There are 9 different colorful wooden blocks in different configurations, and each challenge requires you to assemble the blocks (and one or both of the figurines) in a very specific way. There are five different levels of play. At the Starter and Junior levels, the illustrations take you through an evolution from start to finish as you construct your building. The figurine(s), who are considered the supervisors, must stay on the building at all times as it's being constructed. At the Expert, Master, and Wizard levels, you're just shown the final configuration, and must get there on your own. Develops logical reasoning, strategic planning, visual and spatial perception.


  • Head up in the clouds and feet on the ground?

    Build your way up with the wooden blocks, but make sure your builders always keep their feet on the building so they can supervise the work.