Tillywig Top Fun Award Spring 2013

This is an exceptional children's product in every way. Its high quality construction is evident at a glance. More importantly, the game play is perfectly suited to younger children's abilities while doing an unparalleled job of engaging, challenging, and developing their minds. It's also tremendous fun. The premise is simple. Choose a challenge card and build what's shown on the card using one or more blocks and the wooden rabbit. You've succeeded when the front view of your construction matches the image on the challenge card. The 3 wooden building blocks vary in color, size, and shape. Turning a block 90 degrees in any direction changes its front view and alters how the bunny can fit in, on, or against it. There are 60 different challenges in 4 different levels of difficulty. Some look very similar but may have completely different solutions depending on how far the bunny's ears stick out. Everything about Bunny Peek A Boo's appearance is inviting and playful. Add to that the game's ingenious ability to get young minds thinking in 3D concepts like above/below, inside/outside, invisible/hidden and you've got something truly special - a game kids can't get enough of that also has a meaningful impact on their development. Top-notch fun!

  • Pull a rabbit out of the box!

    Is the rabbit looking through the round hole or through the star-shaped one? Is it standing on top of the yellow, the red or the blue block?