About SmartGames

Smartgames are first and foremost super fun

In order to bear the smartgames title, a game firstly and absolutely has to be super-fun to play. That’s why every smartgame is first extensively tested in playgroups.

1 Player

SmartGames are thinking games for 1 player.

They can be recognized by the red round logo, in the right down corner on the front of every box. It reads ‘1-player’ together with the number of challenges to be found inside.

Smartgames are designed to play alone, but finding solutions together can also be great fun. When we organize demonstration days we see many players spontaneously begin to play against each other to see who’s the fastest. Unlimited fun!

For young and old

there are already smartgames available for players from the age of 2, but there are also great smartgames that provide loads of fun for players from the age of 9. Most of our games can be played from the ages of 6 to 99, since the challenges are easy to start with, and then gradually become more difficult.

Games to suit every pocket!

Smartgames are available from $10.
Most games cost around $20.
Smartgames in wood are available at around $25.


Every SmartGame also stands out through the use of several difficulty levels.

You start with the easiest challenges. Gradually, the challenges get more difficult, so you can learn and grow while playing the games.

Easy Storage

There is nothing worse than to loose pieces of your favourite SmartGame, so we develop storage compartments or use part of the packaging.
And if you do happen to lose a piece, you can easily re-order it at SmartGames.


At Smart we’re fully aware of the toy-industries addiction to inflate boxes and to ship a lot of empty space. With SmartGames we focus on the quality of the games and we do not believe to inflate boxes to achieve good sales.
We also use high quality materials to ensure that SmartGames are durable and offer fun for years.