Cannibal Monsters

Survival of the fittest monster!

Voracious monsters live on a distant planet. The question is: which will get to eat and wich will get eaten? Which monster will be the last one alive? Every step and "every bite" will bring you closer to the answer. But watch out! A monster can only eat when its bottom fits exactly over the top of the monster it wants to eat.If you are hungry for some brain-building fun, sink your teeth into this exciting game of logic.

  • 48 challenges and solutions
  • ages 7 - 99
  • Game board with handy storage compartment
  • Get your monsters to grab a snack so you can make a stack!
  •  Place the monsters on the gameboard as indicated.

  • Make the monsters eat each other by stacking them.

  • You have found the solution when only one big, tall monster is left alive.