Angry Birds On Top

Angry Birds
On Top
Get rid of the pigs!

In this game the birds are going for a piggy back ride! This multilevel sliding puzzle is an easier version of the popular SmartGame “Chicken Shuffle”. Slide the transparent puzzle pieces until all the birds end up covering the pigs! This game doesn’t include solutions like all other SmartGames, but you can download them below (see UPDATES).

  • Cards with 48 challenges
  • For kids, ages 5 and up
  • Choose a challenge. Put the card in the game board, facing up and close the lid.

  • Slide the puzzle tiles until all pigs are covered with a bird. Watch out! Tiles can not only be moved vertically to the bottom or top positions, but also half way.

  • You have found a solution when all pigs are covered.

Solutions version 1

While there is more than one solution to the Angry Birds on Top puzzles, at the special request of our SmartGamers, we have provided some suggested solutions. But remember, the method you use to solve the puzzle is just as important as the solution.

Download solutions version 1

Different challenge 31

There is a small error in challenge 31 of the first print run. You can download the correct challenge 31 below.

Download the corrections

Solutions version 2

Download solutions version 2



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