Put your body and mind to work and get rid of the red virus!

A virus has invaded your system. Can you get rid of it before it can multiply itself?

Say good-bye to the virus by sliding it off the game board.  However, this game is more mind challenging to solve than it looks. As you can imagine, there is not a lot of room in a cell, so the virus and all different shaped molecules are constantly blocking each other’s path. And what's more, everything moves in a special way: the tiles can only slide diagonally and can move in group! Nobody is immune to the infectious fun this sliding game brings.

60 challenges will keep your body and mind healthy. A travel bag makes it easy to take this game along with you, and convenient to store the colourful game pieces. Young and old alike are quick to "catch the bug", once you’ve started playing you won’t want to stop!

  • Choose a challenge and place all game pieces as indicated on the game board.

  • Move the game pieces around, so you can maneuver the virus (the red game piece) to the exit.

  • You have found the solution when you can force the red virus completely through the opening and off the game board.

    Cell-ebrate your success by taking on a new challenge!