Bend It
This puzzle game is different...on all levels!

Each challenge consists of showing the solution (the color of all the balls on the playing board). But which balls are connected and how? Here's the twist: you can bend all the puzzle pieces so they click into new positions! Players must take the 'bend' into account when solving these fascinating puzzles.

  • 60 unique challenges
  • ages 7 - 99
  • Compact puzzle, perfect travel game
  • Flex your brain with this bendable game!
  • Choose a challenge.

  • Change the shape of the 6 playing pieces if needed and put them on the game board as shown.

  • You have found the solution when the color of the spheres on the game-board matches the challenge.

Different Challenges

Challenges 30, 52 and 56 have an error in printrun dd20120220 (indicated on the backside of the booklet, next to the barcode). These images show you the correct challenges. The red circles indicate which balls should be black instead of white.

Download the corrections