Camelot Jr

Camelot Jr.
A Romantic Challenge!

Use your brain to create a path for a knight and his princess to be reunited! 

Arrange beautiful hardwood towers and stairs to create the path. The knight and princess can only walk up stairways or along the top of walls. They cannot jump down or climb up walls.

Camelot Jr. gives children and adults hours of brain-challenging fun! 48 surprising challenges range from very easy to extremely difficult.
Contents: Gamerules, booklet with challenges and solutions, hardwood gametray, four towers, three stairways, one bridge and two figurines.
  • Choose a challenge. Place the red and orange towers as indicated. 

  • Place the knight and princess in position as directed by your challenge. 

  • Create a path for the knight and his princess  to be reunited.

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