Tangoes Paradox

Tangoes Paradox
A mystery wrapped in a puzzle

Travel Tangoes delivers all the fun of traditional  Tangrams …. in a compact, magnetic form!

Great for short trips, long journeys or even staying at home. Tangoes Paradox includes a total of 48 challenges, in the form of 24 pairs.

Each pair of challenges shows two nearly identical images, except that one image appears to be missing a piece, Yet both images can be recreated using the same 7 tangram puzzle pieces. How is this possible? Can you solve this paradox?

  • Select a challenge

  • Solve the challenge by recreating the first image (A) shown in the challenge, using all seven puzzle pieces for both images. ‎Then, using the same seven pieces, recreate the second image (B).

  • Some challenges have multiple solutions. One solution can be found in the back of the included challenge booklet.