Use your brain to protect Troy from invasion!

Protect the legendary city of Troy! Place the walls on the board so that all your enemy's knights are shut out while your own knights are safe inside the city. It's very simple grules might make it seem easy...but don't be deceived! Troy is one of the most challenging SmartGames with 4 puzzle pieces!

  • booklet with 60 challenges
  • ages 7 - 99
  • includes a Wizard level
  • Choose a challenge. Place the red knights (the enemy) and the blue knights (your knights) on the game board as indicated in the challenge.

  • Position the walls using the indents in the board as a guideline, so that the red knights are kept outside and the blue knights remain within the ramparts.

  • There is only one correct solution. You can find all the solutions at the back of the challenge booklet.