Trucky 3

Trucky 3
Truckloads of puzzle fun!

Three happy trucks are on the way to their next destination. They need to pick up a load of packages, but will the haul fit? Can you help them stack everything properly? Toddlers initially play with the trucks, loading them up and driving them round like a toy car. Kids who are a bit older can play the game, working through the challenges that gradually get more and more difficult.

  • booklets with 48 challenges
  • for kids ages 3 - 8
  • first a toy . . . then a game!
  • Choose a challenge. Select the truck and playing pieces indicated by your challenge card. You may need more than one truck for some challenges.

  • Load up the cargo into the back of each truck in your challenge.

  • There is only one solution. You can check it on the flipside of each challenge page.

Multiple solutions

In print runs prior to dd 20130312 (indicated on the backside of the booklet, next to the barcode) challenge 45 has multiple solutions - you can download a new challenge and its only solution below:

Download the corrections

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