Is your brain storm-proof?

Viking ships are trapped in a gigantic hurricane at sea. Can you help to navigate these ships out of the storm? Viking is a puzzle game where the ships move in a very special way, by rotating the puzzle pieces. But watch out! Often one puzzle piece blocks the movement of the other puzzle pieces. Only a brave Viking with keen insight will be smart enough to escape the whirlpools.

  • booklet with 60 challenges
  • ages 7 - 99
  • very original sequential movement puzzle
  • fun to manipulate
  • Choose a challenge and place the ships and 9 puzzle pieces as indicated. Clip the colored arrows on the right place on the border.

  • Move the ships towards their end position (i.e., the arrow of the same color as their sail), by rotating them through the sea pieces.

  • You have found a solution when all ships are next to their corresponding arrow on the border. You can find one solution at the end of the booklet.