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April 17, 2020

Make your kids' birthday extra special!

For children, the corona measures are extra heavy. Especially if their birthday falls during a lockdown. Yet, your kids' birthday can also be fun during corona times. Together, you can make the most of it, and your child’s birthday will be one to remember. And we mean that in a positive way. Here are a few tips for a birthday 'lockdown party' that is both fun and allowed!  

1. A safari theme party

Did you know that Google lets you go on safari in your own house? Choose 3D projections that aren't too terrifying. You don't want to scare the birthday girl/ boy. Also, making some themed cupcakes can be a fun thing to do together. Are you not that good with makeup? Drawing whiskers will do the trick! 


  • Open Google Search on your phone or tablet 
  • Type in 'tiger'
  • Click on view in 3D
  • Through the screen, you will see the 3D tiger in your living room. 

Find the SmartGames safari game Jungle - Hide & Seek here if you want to include an in-theme present

2. Organize a treasure hunt with nice presents for the porker

Make a floor plan of your house. Draw some treasure chests in each room and give each one a number. For each number, you can make up a fun assignment that suits your child's age. Or you can make an obstacle course. Watch the video below for some inspiration. 

3. Make friends and family write birthday cards and pass notes

While you and your friends might enjoy an e-aperitivo, an e-birthday party for kids is much more difficult to pull off. Receiving a lot of birthday cards will make your little one feeling extra special. Or, ask them to make a chalk drawing in the driveway or on the pavement. It will be fun for your kid to watch. Just be safe and ask them to bring their own chalk. 

Are you looking for a nice present? Have a look at our newest game 'Froggit

Do you have some great ideas to celebrate your kids birthday during quarantine? Let us know via our contact form: https://www.smartgames.eu/uk/contact-us and we will include them in our blog!

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