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May 12, 2020

Temple Trap Tips & Tricks

Many people enjoy the thinking challenges TempleTrap3D has to offer. Nevertheless, getting stuck can be a real drag. What to do when you can’t find the solution to a tricky challenge?

We received a lot of requests from fans asking to provide hints to make it easier to find the solution. Of course, we want to help with that! Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give one-on-one hints, as the game takes into account which moves have been made by the player. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to share some tips and tricks to give you a better understanding of how these puzzles work.

Tip #1: Know the basics

It is important to know that some blocks are higher than others and require a stair block on one side before the adventurer can run over it. As the exit to each puzzle room is elevated, it can’t be reached by the adventurer without a stair block or elevated block in the final position. Be careful which blocks you use! The elevated blocks with red markings on top have hidden spikes that dash out. It is possible to run over them because they come out slowly. But if you stand still for too long, it’s game over.

Of course, using the same strategy won’t work every time. Our list of tips and tricks is intended to give you a new perspective on the puzzle-solving process. This might help when you get stuck.

Tip #2: Have a plan

Before diving into a challenge, it’s best to look before you leap. Take some time to find a good strategy before you start sliding the blocks around. For the majority of the challenges in Temple Trap, the chances of success are very slim without a plan. That being said, if you think about the problem first, you're bound to do well.

Tip #3: Don’t overthink

Every solution in TempleTrap3D consists of two parts. First, you have to find a path to the key that unlocks the door, then a path to the exit. In some challenges it takes some careful timing to guide your adventurer passed the flying arrows, fire and continuously rotating dart traps. Don’t get distracted!

However, none of the challenges require advanced problem-solving skills. If you have to make a thousand moves to guide your adventurer to the exit, you’re probably overdoing it.  Which leads us to the next tip.

Tip #4: Look for patterns

Look for a pattern instead of a complicated sequence of steps. Recognizing patterns of movement will enable you to predict how each movement affects the puzzle. Almost all challenges of TempleTrap3D are solvable by using a combination of one or more patterns to slide the blocks around. All these patterns are presented in the starter challenges, where blockers in the puzzle force you to use a certain pattern to solve the challenge.

The trick is to recognize these patterns later on in the more advanced challenges. Here a pattern can be, for example, rotated to make it more challenging to recognize. More difficult challenges require a combination of patterns to find the solution, while for the easier ones, just one pattern will be sufficient to guide the adventurer to the exit. Learn to recognize the patterns and it will be far easier to solve any given challenge.

Tip #5: Don’t give up

This puzzle-solving technique might sound silly, but some players have told us that certain challenges are ‘impossible’ or ‘broken’. That is not the case. All the challenges of TempleTrap3D are thoroughly tested to make sure they are solvable.

TempleTrap3D has many traps but don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking a challenge is flawed. Some challenges are very difficult indeed, but there is always a solution. Don’t focus too hard on making as few steps as possible in order to earn that golden skull. It’s a nice bonus, but not required to progress in the game.

Have fun and never give up!

Did you know there is also a physical version of TempleTrap? Find it below!



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