• Category Classic Games
  • Age 8+
  • # of Challenges80
  • # of Players1
  • Inside the Box

    3D game board, 4 wall puzzle pieces and 1 puzzle piece with high towers, 7 warriors (4 red and 3 blue), 1 booklet with 80 challenges and solutions

  • What the
    Experts Say
    Playing Walls & Warriors stimulates the following cognitive skills:

Step 1

Choose a challenge. Place the red knights, the blue knights and high towers with blue rooftops on the game board as indicated in the challenge.

Step 2

Position the 4 walls as a guideline, so that the red knights are kept outside and the blue knights and high towers remain within the ramparts.

Step 3

There is only one solution per challenge.


How to play

  • I think everyone in the family has picked up this game on their own to play… something about the pieces and design that is enticing. LOL SmartGames nailed it on this one.