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September 17, 2019

5 benefits for using SmartGames in your class

The school year has kicked off! The summer vacation seems to be another happy memory.

You – as a teacher – will start the new school year full of enthusiasm. You didn’t sit still during last summer break, and you got a lot of inspiration and came up with new ideas. Yet you miss something in your class… Perhaps an educational game, perfect for when you have some time left or as a fun bonus to a theme. Have you ever thought of a logical thinking game from SmartGames? We list five benefits why SmartGames are a perfect fit for your classroom.


The games from SmartGames have an attractive and fun layout that are appealing to kids. There are various SmartGames available that you can link to a theme. In this way SmartGames can support and help enrich your classes.

If you are going to feature the Autumn theme soon, then "Squirrels Go Nuts" and "Down the Rabbit Hole" are ideal games to complement your class. We have a lot of different themes available as well. Curious? Take a look at the Gift Finder and find your next SmartGame for your class. 

Cognitive Skills

Learning through Play is one of the most important concepts in childhood development. At SmartGames we intent to teach and stimulate cognitive, social and language skills while having fun playing our games.

All SmartGames stimulate various cognitive skills and the most important skills associated with the game are clearly indicated on the packaging. Do you want to know more about our cognitive skills? You can find it here.

Age category

SmartGames are divided into different age categories. Even the smallest ones can play with our logical thinking games. But also, toddlers, teenagers and adults will enjoy these games. Piece of cake, you think? Then quickly move on to the next benefit.

From easy to extremely difficult

Every game from SmartGames contains a challenge booklet (with solutions of course). You look in the challenge booklet how the puzzle starts, and you put the puzzle pieces in the right place to match the solution.

There are 4 difficulty levels available in each SmartGame, these are: starter, junior, expert, and master. The first challenges are easy but gradually they get harder and harder. This way the game remains challenging. Some of our games also include a wizard level, and like the name predicts, a true challenge for puzzle fans.

Sizes & packages

SmartGames have five different sizes: Preschool Games, Classic Games, Compact Games, Pocket Games and Magnetic Games.

Preschool Games

Preschool Games are ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. The games and parts are large so that all game parts easily fit into small children's hands. The safety of the little ones is also guaranteed, because they cannot swallow or break the parts.

Classic Games

The Classic Games are designed as family games and offer puzzle fun for everyone. The games are larger in size and also contain larger puzzle pieces, thus also excellent for your classroom.

Compact Games

The big advantage of this type of SmartGames is that the game is packed in a handy box. The game is compact and hardly takes up any space in the classroom. You also lose little to no time rearranging the game and compact games are easy to store.

Pocket Games

The Pocket Games are real brain teasers and challenge you to think hard. The Pocket or IQ Games come with a handy pocket-sized box, which also serves as the game board.

Magnetic Games

The magnetic games feature magnetic puzzle pieces and come in a handy booklet. The challenges and solutions are also included in the booklet. This format is quick to use and easy to store.

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