• Category Preschool Games
  • Age 4-9
  • # of Challenges96
  • # of Players1
  • Inside the Box

    1 5-wheel car, 5 different colours, 1 challenge booklet for preschool with 48 challenges and solutions,1 booklet for primary school with 48 harder challenges and solutions 

  • What the
    Experts Say
    Playing Smartcar 5x5 stimulates the following cognitive skills:

Step 1

Place the blocks next to the car’s chassis and choose a challenge.

Step 2

Build a car using the wooden blocks to match the colours shown in the challenge.

Step 3

There is only one solution per challenge.


How to play

  • With a strong emphasis on spatial reasoning and creative thinking through the manipulation of the blocks, this puzzle game promotes the development of skills needed for engineering thinking and design in young children.

  • We have a lot of fun “playing” with this puzzle and I love that my daughter can look at thgamee challenges and actually put the car together like the picture shown.